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HAH! i used regular expressions and whatnot!

HAH! i used regular expressions and whatnot!

so i currently attend this digital humanities summer school and have enrolled into a workshop about queries in corpora. we spent the better part of the morning attempting to install some programme without which a query in said corpora wouldn’t be possible. naturally … EVERYONE and their aunt had difficulty to install the programme and carry out a single search. not even the laptops provided by the summer school worked and we collectively threw our hands up in the air. at one point they even brought in a guy whose real life name (and i swear this in the grave of my deceased great-grandmother!) is … wait for it … aramis! honestly, THEY BROUGHT IN THE BLOODY MUSKETEERS — and not even they were able to fix it!

just came back from one of the most patronising, emotionally blackmailing, predictable and racist films that i’ve seen in the longest time. so if you want to save yourself the trouble of elevated blood pressure and the loss of two very long hours of your lives, avoid hector and the search for happiness at all cost! — and to everyone who gave a round of applause when the credits started rolling: you are the reason why propaganda works!



Grimm and Other Folk Tales

by Cory Godbey

yes yes yes yes yes Cory Godbey is the shit! He is such a cool dude and the art makes me want to burrow back into my childhood subconscious
Also it’s hard to find Holmes adaptations that’ll suit them; the choices seem to swing from what I bought (which I think is still too detailed) to things like “Doorbells ring! Dogs howl!” with nothing in between.
i’m pretty sure there are a couple of picture book/illustrated holmes stories, no? i hadn’t imagined it would be that difficult to find good adaptations for kids. — but perhaps it’s best to go for pastiches?
I bought a Sherlock Holmes for kids book for my nieces and nephews, and the three (shortened, simplified) stories it contained were "The Blue Carbuncle" (so that's theft), "The Red Headed League (theft again, also they renamed Jabez Wilson J.B.!) and "THE SPECKLED BAND." THEY LEFT IN ALL THE DEATH. AND THE FACT THAT HOLMES IS LIKE "EHHH IT'S PROBABLY MY FAULT BUT WHATEVS."

well, if “arkham asylum — living hell” is marketed as KidLit these days, i’m not entirely surprised…

just received an email from the folks at amazon. they may want to rethink their categorisation…

just received an email from the folks at amazon. they may want to rethink their categorisation…






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